Scepter WI5 Hyalite - Where do you put a climb?

One of my old climbing partners once imparted a little nugget of knowledge on me.  He said "if you put the climb really high that's where it is. But if you bring the climb down to where you are that's where it is." That's how Scepter (WI5) felt, it's one of my favorite climbs in Hyalite canyon but I was guilty of putting it on a pedestal. I remember doing this climb with some really good climbers and at times they struggled with it or at very least it challenged them. Perhaps is because it's really fat or maybe it was climbing for a week in Colorado but Spector was fun and curser. I really enjoyed the climb, it felt like when you were a kid and remembered a building being really "big" and then you grow up and it seems rather small. Scepter is to be respected but so is growth. Big thanks to Matt and Kevin for the photo and bely!